Manage & Organize all your Estimates

Estimating for Labels

Madiwor's estimating solution is developed around the label industry's products and specifications, allowing you to quote faster and win more business.

All your Estimates in One Place

Access your estimates at any time, from any location, allowing you to stay on top of your work and respond to customer inquiries quickly. It also makes it easier to collaborate with team members who may be working remotely, improving overall productivity and efficiency. Additionally, having remote access to estimates can help you make informed business decisions while on the go.

Store & Retrieve Previous Estimates

Easy retrieval of previous estimates, better record-keeping, improved accuracy of future estimates, opportunity for cost savings, and enhanced customer experience.

Turn an Estimate into a Quote

An amazing commercial tool that lets you send professionaly looking quotes and improve your customers experience. Let your customers accept directly from your Quote. Add optional or multiple choice items calculating prices dinamically. Know when is the best time to call and follow up your business opportunities. And more...

Discount scale.

Calculate multiple quantities to quote discount scale. Get the right information and offer your customer the best cost alternative for their labels.

Understands your Company

Our estimating solutions it is setup based on your equipment, capabilities and costs. Understanding the better workflow for each job based on the customer needs and maximizing profitability.

Team Colaboration

Estimates can be integrated in to your company┬┤s workflow. Assign permission within your team and let your commercial departement calculate price estimates instantly and win more business. Estimates can wait for you approval. Notes and comments can be added to each estimate to keep record of any important details or references.

Software Highlights

Accelerate productivity

Our software is specially designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
It assists your organization in key processes. Madiwor understands the challenges and provides the best solution.


Madiwor provides perfect and flawless compatibility between all platforms.


Madiwor turns your mobile device into your portable production office. You can browse production jobs, check for new sales orders to produce, monitor in real time your presses or check the dashboards no matter where you are.

Get Time On Your Side

Saves time needed for setup and training. Madiwor is already running.

Minimum Training

Easy to Use. Intuitive modularity improving the user experience.

Eliminate time Consuming Tasks

Eliminates the burden of upgrading, maintenance, and safeguarding data.

Increase Efficiency

Cuts operational costs. Plus Madiwor costs less compared to on-premises systems.