Materials Management

Manage all Materials in Stock

Materials Management Features

Madiwor provides the Materials module with features to assists you completely in the materials managenment tasks.
Once the sales order is generated, the production department receives a Sales Order with all the SKUs to be manufactured. All the main characteristics of the label are already specified and loaded in the application when the SKU was created. Madiwor will allow us at this point to complete the SKU with the production data. For example assigning a die cut. As well as the possibility to attach SKUĀ“s art file and any additional information to the label.

Materials Catalog and Pricing

Access your materials library, manage pricing and material specifications.

Easily Browse & Serach Stock

Madiwor provides you with an easy and intuitive way to browse your stock and confirm availability to assign it to orders.

Assign Materials to Orders

Speed up your materials allocation process using our materials management features.

Manage Leftovers

Take control of your material waste while keeping an accurate inventory updated.

Manage Cut Orders

Madiwor Cuts management features allows you to organize and track jumbo rolls cutting.

Valorized Inventory reports

Get instant reports from your materials in stock, as a valorized inventory

Module Highlights

Accelerate productivity

Our software is specially designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
It assists your organization in key processes. Madiwor understands the challenges and provides the best solution.


Madiwor provides perfect and flawless compatibility between all platforms.


Madiwor turns your mobile device into your portable production office. You can browse production jobs, check for new sales orders to produce, monitor in real time your presses or check the dashboards no matter where you are.

Get Time On Your Side

Saves time needed for setup and training. Madiwor is already running.

Minimum Training

Easy to Use. Intuitive modularity improving the user experience.

Eliminate time Consuming Tasks

Eliminates the burden of upgrading, maintenance, and safeguarding data.

Increase Efficiency

Cuts operational costs. Plus Madiwor costs less compared to on-premises systems.