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for Label Manufacturers

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Madiwor Features

Madiwor is the first cloud based software solution designed for label manufacturers.
Our main objective is to provide a high-end automation solution for small and mid-sized businesses

Production Planning

Browse and plan your production orders on your machines and share the information with your team.


Create price calculations based on your resources, store your price calculations and authorize when ready.

Raw Material Inventory

Track and identify raw materials through the complete production process.

Finished Product Stock

Manage a precise finished product inventory, share this information with each customer through the extranet module.

B2B eCommerce

Madiwor┬┤s Extranet functionality is the best way to develop customer loyalty.

Material Cut and assignment

Assign jumbo rolls to production orders, cut rolls as required to optimize utilization.

Why start using Madiwor?

Our software is specially designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
It assists your organization in key processes. Madiwor understands the challenges and provides the best solution.


Madiwor provides perfect and flawless compatibility between all platforms.


Madiwor┬┤s design allows to use it on any device.

Get Time On Your Side

Saves time needed for setup and training. Madiwor is already running.

Minium Training

Easy to Use. Intuitive modularity improving the user experience.

Eliminate time Consuming Tasks

Eliminates the burden of upgrading, maintenance, and safeguarding data.

Increase Efficiency

Cuts operational costs. Plus Madiwor costs less compared to on-premises systems.

  • B2B e-commerce

    Customers have access to a customized e-commerce application.

  • My Orders & Products

    Allow customers to check the status of their orders, browse through order history and product specifications.

  • New Order and Quotes

    Through the extranet your clients are able to order and send pricing requests.

  • Price Calculations

    Create price calculations based on your resources and costs.

  • Compare & Analyze

    Put together different alternatives to find the best alternative to your customer.

  • Store & Retrieve

    Analyze new price calculations based on previous estimates and similar pricing strategies.

Module Highlights


Features &

  • Production Planning
  • Raw Material
  • SKUs Module
  • Die Cuts Module
  • Sales Orders
  • Distpach & Shipping
  • Estimating
  • B2B Extranet
  • B2B Accounts
  • Number of Users
  • Own Domain


Madiwor Essentials

$100/month *

* paid every 90 days

  • 25accounts
  • 5users


Madiwor Professional

$200/month *

* paid every 90 days

  • 50accounts
  • 10users


Madiwor Enterprise

$400/month *

* paid every 90 days

  • 100accounts
  • 20users
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